Thursday, April 14, 2011

My New Battery Drill - By Mr Somerville

My new battery drill
On the weekend I needed to do a job for my wife Divya. She needed me to change the height of the curtains in the lounge as she was hanging new curtains. But when I tried to do the job for her I realised I didn't have the right tools to complete the job properly. So I told her I could only do the job for her if she let me buy a new Battery Drill! After a lot of convincing she said, "All right, go get one!" I was so excited to get my new drill that I played with it for about three hours on Saturday afternoon, even after I had finished Divya's job!

Me and my wife Divya


  1. Ki Ora Mr Somerville

    I liked how you were standing together with your wife and who a you starring at.I like your wife she is so pretty.

    by Angelina

  2. Ki Ora Mr Somerville,
    You look so funny with your wife and your silly faces. You and your wife are cool.

    Bye Mr Somerville!!!.


  3. Britney said...
    Hi Mr S I love your picture and your wife standing together and your wife looks petty and I like the silly faces. I hope you and your wife have a happy Easter and a great holiday at England.


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