Friday, April 8, 2011

Room 16 Camp Movie


  1. Hi Room 16.
    Wow, I have just watched your camp video. Looks like you guys have an awesome time! I'm training to become a teacher (Canterbury University) and my teacher suggested that I look at your class blogs etc. I agree with Zions blog post about an hours ago, my favorite ice cream is triple chocolate too. Thanks room 16, I'm going to pop in and see what you are doing every now and then. Is there a place I can ask you questions? Thanks, Wayne

  2. Thanks Wayne! Yeah you can always send a comment on our blog whenever. We always love having visitors!

  3. Hi Room 16,
    I liked your movie because you took charge and the song was cool too.

    From Enyahlee

  4. Hi Room 16, you look like you had such a wonderful time at camp. I saw you all out there looking very busy and engaged in what you were doing. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us. I look forward to reading more of what you have been up too.

    Miss G

  5. Wow Room 16! I like your movie because you did the movie awesome. Well done room 16. From Shirquera

  6. Hi rome 16 I like your movie. yous rook like you are in a relle movie thaks for liting me wose your movie by dj in room 12

  7. Hi Room 16.I'm Debbie and I am training to be a Teacher at Canterbury university. I am really enjoying your blogs.You are so lucky to have such great Teachers to organise and run a camp like this.My daughter who is 13 watched your video and said she thought it looked like awesome fun!
    You all looked like movie stars and there were some pretty cool acts at the concert night to by the look of it. well done.


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