Kent's Teaching

This movie explains how my students were set a challenge to make a DLO that was cognitively engaging, not just entertaining.

This is my presentation to the staff of Pt England School sharing our journey of teaching in an open learning space.

The following movies show how students of Room 16 use their class site to direct their own learning.

This is mine and Chris Marks' ULearn presentation. Our focus was using Google sites to facilitate self directed learning.


Kent Somerville, a year 6 teacher at Pt England School, shares how he uses Google Apps to facilitate an individual learning program for his 32 star students! Check out Room 16's class site to learn more and comment with your thoughts.


  1. Hello Mr Somerville,
    I hope you had a great year teaching children how to learn. It looks like you had worked very hard to make your class happy and to enjoy learning. Have a lovely Week...


    1. Hi Sesalina! Thanks for your great comment. I definitely miss having you in Room 16! It has been a great year. How has your year been?


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