Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Practise, Practise, Practise

The challenge for us in the Senior Literacy Group when making this movie for the 2014 Film Festival was to capture, in just 3mins, the months of hard work and dedication that goes into making a champion. During our term 2 topic “Game On” we were inspired by the athletes in many sports at the Commonwealth Games. As a group we decided to follow the path of a women’s marathon runner, her future focus and her “Practise! Practise! Practise!”


  1. What a great movie you have created you are the fast never stop running keep going.
    Hey angelica I bet you will win the athletics race?

  2. Hello my name is Finau,

    I just wanted to say that I really love your movie.
    I can see some stuff you might need to work on but right now it is 100/100.
    Keep up it Mrs Slade group and I just want to say Game On.

    Nice Work!!!

  3. It was a cool movie. the best thing was was when she won.

  4. Hi Guys

    In loved your video, It was really awesome, I loved how you were showing people if they want to live there dream they have to Practice and Practice and Practice.

    By Silas

  5. Nice video guys
    Iiked your video and the humor you added hahaha it was so funny nice job guys

    Daniel L. stonefields

  6. Hi guys! your movie was great! i liked how there was a moral to it and it showed that you want to achieve something you have to work hard

    Maddy from stonefields

  7. Hi Angelica I like your movie because I love running and I think I should run everyday now like you Angelica.

    Do you run every day because I don't ?

  8. Hi Class 8,
    I really liked your movie, it had a great meaning to it. I liked the fact that you had to work hard for something you want to achieve. Great movie!

  9. Hi
    I like how you had a story to it and you can achieve winning races and completing something if your try, I liked how you had the sound effects too for the alarm.

    Matthew from Stonefields

  10. So cool really enjoyed the green screen at the end go NZ lets hope we can do as well as you did in the marathon go NZ. Really cool ways of explaining what happened and how she got her inspiration.

    From Zeb stonefields

  11. Good Practice
    I wonder we can do it at athletics

  12. Hi class 10 I like your moive from Troy


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