Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to be a Successful Pt Englander - By Rowana

Hello everybody my literacy class, class 8 has been doing a practice test because our test is coming up tomorrow yes tomorrow witch is October the 29th 2014. So I hope you enjoy and please leave me a comment.

Do you wanna be a successful Pt Englander?
If you want to be a good Pt Englander then I’ll show you. Being a Pt Englander might be tough you have to be kind nice to your parents and be Polite.

To be a successful Pt englander you need to, remember your manners, eat healthy food and always strive to do your best.

Being a Good friend is easy. You need to respect them be kind to them and to care for them. They won’t like until you care for them. If you want a good friend that cares for you then try and be helpful to them and if they get bullied by someone go and step up for them and make sure you cheer them up.

You have to stay healthy to get fit and to run fast. If you want to be healthy be hard on fruits and eat more fruits to get fit. you even have to play more and more sports. So make sure you stay healthy and well.

Do you want people to listen to you? Well here are some things you need to do. You have to listen to them be kind and to respect them. You need to listen to the people around you like your parents, Teachers and last but not least your friends.

Being a Good and Successful Pt Englander is hard because you have to do all these things like you have to be Kind, be Nice, be Respectful and to be Polite. Polite is very important to me because you always always have to use your MANNER’S, say THANK-YOU, say EXCUSE ME and say PEOPLE’S NAMES. So remember, use all these words to help you be a good Pt Englander!

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