Thursday, November 13, 2014

Being a Successful Pt Englander - By Mahana

If you want to be a successful Pt Englander you need to have R.A.K, it means random act of kindness, like being respectful to people. Being respectful is like listening to other people that are talking, and being polite. You can also be respectful by being kind to other people and make people happy. You can also help people with their work.

Caring for other people is like helping them with something, play with them and taking them to the sick bay when they are hurt. If you want to care for other people you need to make sure that they are safe even if that person is someone you don’t like. And if you care for someone you might get a prize if someone see’s you caring and looking after people . And make sure you always stay helping people.

Being helpful is helping other people with their work so if someone was stuck still writing a paragraph and you help them, that is being helpful even if that person doesn't like you and teases you. Another way to be helpful is to help people with anything they need help with like helping them clean the classroom. Being helpful is fun because if you help someone finish their work and you finished yours you don’t need to stay in at lunch and finish it off. The last thing to be helpful is to have fun while you do it.

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