Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Dinosaur - By Kane

Long long time ago there was a dinosaur called Freddy Cougar who was strong and he liked to hunt for food. He likes to hunt food for his family and he hunts food with his brother too. Freddy Cougar’s favourite game to play is chase Pterodactyl and kill them. He lives with his family in the jungle and he has a house. He is tall as a towering building.

My dinosaur Freddy Cougar look furious and scary. My dinosaur likes to eat meat and is a t-rex. He is scary and has dangerous teeth and claws. My dinosaur likes to fight and kill. Pecasis is dangerous.

Freddy Cougar and his brother Aldrago went on adventure to kill Pecasis because he was trying to kill my Dad. We went in the jungle to found him and then he was try to get away. When we got him we started eating him. Then we went back home.

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