Monday, May 11, 2015

World War 1 - By Akosita

I will explain three main ideas about world war one.Guess what war broke out in Europe in August nineteen fourteen. When it was world war one New Zealand was planning to capture German Samoa War broke out in Europe in August nineteen fourteen. After war broke out the Britain's asked New Zealand to seize German Samoa but in a great way.

On August twenty ninth nineteen fourteen New Zealand did capture German Samoa.The first soldier from New Zealand to die was private William ham He was fighting in turkey on a battlefield in an area that is known as suez canal.They were fighting against the Ottoman troops.

World war one is very interesting but sad to for lovely soldiers who died.The powerful weapons they used at war was canon belge,snipers,Rifles and stone civil war gun.A stone civil war gun is like a massive war machine it is so massive that Four to six people can fit inside it and throw bombs to the enemy.For those soldiers who die we shall remember them in honour and never forget what they have done for New Zealand.

In world war one the soldiers ate bully beef which is called corned beef now,fresh meat,Maconochie's meat stew.They also ate vegetables to keep them healthy and hard biscuits was a meal for the soldiers.Did you know Maori left New Zealand one hundred years ago,was the first organized effort by Maori to represent themself overseas.

I feel really sad for those people who died from world war one I really hope that they died in peace but I know most of them didn’t.They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.We must not forget them we should always keep them in our Memory.

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