Monday, May 11, 2015

Remembering ANZAC Day - By Seini

Last week on Friday our school had a special assembly about ANZAC. Mr. Burt told us some information about ANZAC then we went outside to our field of remembrance. We had one minute of silence. ANZAC stands for Australia, New Zealand army corps. People wear poppies to remember those soldiers who fort for us in world war one. At the place they had the war there were loads of wild poppies that grew after the battle was over. To some people the poppies show how much blood was on that ground where the terrible battle was held. World war one is the first world war also known as the great war.

A few days ago I have been finding some information about world war 1. I have found out that Private William Ham was the first New zealander to die in the war. He died on the 3rd of February 1915. When he had died the rest of the New zealanders helped defeat Suez Canal from an attack by Ottoman troops. Private William Ham died because of extreme injuries.

World war 1 was caused by Gavrilo Princip because he assassinated a man called Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie then eventually the war began. On the 5th of August 1914 1 p.m New zealand received the outbreak of the war. All of the New zealanders were very excited when they went to war but they didn’t know they were going though. When they had the battle they refused to kill each other.

They used trenches to hide from the enemy’s because if they didn’t have trench's they’d be seen and get shot. The soldier’s have dogs to help them in the war.They use dogs because they can run a lot faster than human and they also use dogs to carry messages around for help. Sometimes when soldiers are hurt in a shell hole where shells were exploded it would be hard for the other soldiers to come find them if there were lots of shell holes.

This nasty war happened 100 years ago before I was ever born. The New zealand soldiers fort for us in the war so we would live. After this war happened most of the soldier’s went back home without some body parts, some didn’t even go home because they were dead and some went home after many years. Now we all wear poppies to remember the soldiers who died for us in this terrible event.

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