Monday, August 5, 2013

Tortoise vs Easter Bunny: From the Tortoise's View - By Iisa

My name is Gerald the Grass eater. I’m a tortoise, but i’m considered the fastest. Here’s how it happened.

There was this bunny rabbit named the ‘Easter Bunny’. He always delivers eggs in one night, so he claims that he’s the fastest. One day he was teasing me, when my friend Mr Troxy Foxy came, and slapped some sense into that bunny.

So the Easter Bunny challenged me to a race. We had to go on the mountain track. When Mr Troxy Foxy yelled “GO!”, the Easter Bunny was off. So was I, but not as fast.

2 hours later, the Easter Bunny took a rest. I saw him, and decided to take the opportunity. So when I past him, I made sure to be quiet. When I got very close to the finish line, I yelled. “WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW EASTER KANGAROO!?” The Bunny heard my insult, and ran to the line.

But by the time he came, I was munching on his chocolate egg. And that’s my story of how I became the fastest animal.

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