Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise - By Ava

Hi my name is larry the tortoise, and for a good reason. I am really slow and have a head like cabbage, and feet like Brussels sprouts.

As I was winning, it was getting dark. I got to the finish line and won.were waiting for speedy but he was still a sleep.So i went home and went to sleep too.

While I was eating grass, Speedy, the hare, came. Then the fox pop up, and said “ I’ll lay a bet that the tortoise can beat you in a race.”and Speedy said “Pah! “I’ll beat that old tortoise over any distance, any day, any time.”
We were going on a race, up the hill and back again. At last the fox called out: “Ready, Steady Go !” Speedy hung around for a moment to see me lumber off the starting line, but I was taking so long about it that he got bored and shot off towards the hill.
How did the fox ever think that I could win? When I got around the corner I saw Speedy sitting near a tree and having a nap.

The moral of the story was slow and steady wins the race.

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