Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise - By Mary

Hello my name is Slow Tortoise. I am named slow Tortoise because I am slow and I am a Tortoise. I have a neighbour named “ Too fast for you.” Too fast for you is a rabbit. He’s always talking about how fast he is. And how he keeps winning races. I don’t listen to Too fast for you because I am too busy chewing my grass.

Too fast for you is such a bully. He makes up names like, Cabbage head, and he calls me ridiculous. “ Why are you like this?” I ask Too fast for you. “ It’s because I am fast and you are a slow Tortoise who likes to sit around all day and do nothing.”

“ Okay then you asked for it. Me and you we will have a race up to that hill over there and back. Tomorrow at noon.” I said to Too Fast for you. “ You and me. Please you have got to be kidding me. You can’t even make it to the gate.” Exclaimed Too fast for you. “ Oh yeah watch me.” I replied back to Too fast for you.

The day had come and the sun was shining. All the animals from the forest had come to watch the race. “ Are you ready, TOO FAST FOR YOU!!!” I said to Too fast for you trying to distract him.

“ On your marks, Get set...... GO!!!”. Yelled the fox. “ See ya... Slowpoke.” Yelled Too fast for you while running. “ Come on you can do it, Don’t give up. You can do it.” I keep saying to myself. I kept encouraging myself, so I wouldn’t stop.

I saw the Harestop. I said to myself “ Phhh.”

As I was getting closer to the Hare I saw him shutting his eyes. I couldn’t believe it. “ I thought he was speedy. I thought he would be running back down towards the finish line by now. But guess I was wrong.”

While walking past the Hare, I was having a little laugh. “ Ha ha ha.” I giggled quietly. I had finally got to the top of the hill. “ Must be Slow Tortoise, must beat Slow Tortoise.” He said in his sleep.
I was half way towards the finish line. By then the Hare had woken up.

He looked down. “ NO.” Yelled the Hare. “ Must beat the Tortoise.” The hare kept saying to himself. I was 5 steps away from the finish line. By then Too fast for you had just got to the top of the hill.

3 steps away from the finish line. By then the Hare was half down the hill. 1 step away. Then I took another step and I had cross the finish line.

“ NOOOOO.” Yelled the Hare. He was angry. “ You were saying.” I said to the Hare while I was having a little giggle.
From that day on, the Hare had never bothered me again. “ Shame on you Too fast for you that a Tortoise beat you. HAHAHA.”

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