Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hare And The Tortoise - By Vaifoa

Hi my name is Lazy Brain Tortoise and I am the slowest living creature in the world.

My friend over there, well he isn’t really my friend he teases me and laughs at me thinks that i’m a rock a green rock he couldn’t tell. His name is Speedy Hare. Speedy Hare thinks that he is all that . He is the fastest and he won all his races but one he took 2nd place which is silver and guess who got first? Me! I won against him on April the 2th.

He was the fastest but I won gold and nobody knows about it. Just then a fox came out of the bushes right in the corner and said- “Do know he Hibernates”, Hiber-Wha” asked the Hare. The foxes name was Foxxy The Boxer, then he replied back “ that means he sleeps through the whole winter.

“The whole winter”, asked Hare. That’s impossible, he must be the laziest creature. The tortoise kept on munching really SLOWLY. His mouth was full of grass. “I will ask him to race with me” said the Hare. “Hey, Lazy Head” yelled Speedy Hare. The tortoise just stayed there just then Tortoise nodded up and down, “I think he’s saying Yes” said the speedy hare. “Then lets smash it” said Speedy hare, I will beat you”.

Up in the top hill, the biggest hill ever the starting line was lined up for the race. Tortoise was still munching grass, as then the wooden race starter blasted off then the Hare went off springing away then out of nowhere the tortoise ran up to the Hare and beating him off the end. Suddenly the tortoise bumped the Hare off with his shell and saw the finish line and bit it off and bate Hare.

It was a surprise as the tortoise won the race. The tortoise was still munching grass as then the fox jumped out of another bush and pet the tortoise on the shell and then celebrated that he won. The Tortoise took first place 2 times but then he gave one to hare. Hare was excited just then they were all friends until the end. They were excited and they LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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