Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My NetBooks New Home - By Tauwhare

On Wednesday the 24th of August, Room 16, 17, and 18 got to take their netbooks home. Before we could take our netbooks home, our parents had to come to a school meeting. So I rang my mum on the phone in my class and I begged her to come down to the school for the meeting about my netbook. Yeah sure she said. She came down to the school, her and a couple of people came in. When they came in they started the meeting. While they were talking about taking our netbooks home, Te Rina and I went outside to play. After playing outside Te Rina and I went inside to see if the meeting was over. It was. Then when my mum gave me an important piece of paper she had signed, I gave it to Mr Somerville. Then I got my netbook put it in my bag and off we went. My mum and I walked to the truck and drove home. When we got home I hopped straight away onto my netbook and played some games. Then I gave my sister a turn with it. Then she gave it back because it was flat. So I put my netbook on the charger and when I done that I put it in a safe place. After that I went to Sleep.


  1. Hey Tauwhare,
    Great story. I was also existed when our team our net book home.

    From your friend Jouan

  2. Hi Tauwhare,
    I loved your story and your picture!
    Keep it up.

    From Saadiya

  3. Hey Tauwhare, I liked reading your writing about netbooks. Keep it up!

  4. Hey Tauwhare,

    That was a very great piece f writing. I really loved your picture that made me really interested.


    Love Asena valoa rm 15!


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