Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Room 16 on TV1 News - By Zion

I was so happy that Pt England School was on TV 1 NEWS. We were on the News because we have NETBOOKS. Mr Burt (principal of Pt England School) was on the News too. So then I said to myself, "I wonder if some kid's parents want them to come to Pt England School?" I feel really sad, because other schools can't afford Netbooks, and plus they don't have enough money. I hope the government helps the other schools to get their Netbooks.


  1. Hey Zion,

    I really liked your story about our school on one news. I think that that was really sad about the other school and I really hope that the government will try hard to help the other school get their Netbooks.

    Love Asena valoa Room 15

  2. Hi Zion,

    What a great story about Mr Burt being on TV 1 news. I think that it is sad because, kids can't afford net-book's.

    From Taeshell


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