Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Soapbox Finals in Whangaparaoa - By Andrea

On Sunday the 10th of April we had Soapbox Derby. But this time it wasn't the other one it was the finals. Our driver was Maru. Not only was it the finals but it was in whangaparaoa. The drive was amazing, we had a few songs and beats to cheer on Maru but then the girls got sick of it. Maru made it into the top 16 but not into the top 8 but we had fun anyway.

So then we said lets go make a new chant, but then we ended up making a whole new dance. The lightest of all the cheerleaders was Eleva. So we got 2 girls to pick her up and throw her up in the air and had 3 girls to catch her when she falls back. Me and another cheer leader would stand in the front then do cart wheels in front. We got to go and have a look around with Mary’s mum but that was about it. We brought some snow cones and I brought a cold coke and have a turn on the bouncy castle. You had to pay 10 dollars down to 5 dollars.

It was time to go, we all had a great time on our way back most of the cheer team had fallen asleep. But the kids who were sitting with me were not asleep we were wide awake but then we started falling asleep by the end of the trip.

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