Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Family - By Senolita

Hi my name is Senolita and I am 10 years old. I am a year 6 at Pt England school. I love to play netball. My Friends are Mary I, Jessica, Alexandria and Serena. I like playing with them because they play netball and they respect me. I really respect them because friends do that to there other friends. My Dad works for milk. He is the greatest Dad I ever had and my Mum works for KFC and she is the greatest Mum I ever had too! I love my mum and dad, I can never stop loving them. My big brother is cool. He is the oldest. I love my brother. He likes rugby and touch. He is cool because he buys me stuff like shoes and clothes.


  1. Wow senolita I wish that my brother byes me stuff like that man my brother never does that.

  2. How lovely to read Senolita that you have such a loving family. Families are very special aren't they Senolita?! Wow so your Dad works for a milk company? Does that mean you get to have a lot of milk at home? I love flavoured milk, but I know it's not the best thing for me : ) Keep up the good writing Senolita.
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Wow Senolita,

    What is milk??? Is that a type of factory that sells MILK??? Can you please reply at my question.

    I wish my Mum works at KFC,does your mum get food for free???

  4. Hey senolita,
    it's Teri i love kfc,it sounds like you love your mum and dad's job. Maybe you could do what your mum or dad does for a job when your older.
    see you in october,maybe at riverside.
    miss you Teresa

  5. Hi Senolita,
    "Wow" You have are good kind family,
    Luckily your mum and dad cares about you
    Great story Senolita.

    From Annexe

  6. Wow senolita I wish that my sister byes me stuff like that man my sister never does that.You mush have nice sister.


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