Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camp Acrostic Poem - By Melvin

S chool is why kids are creative at camp

K ayaking was missed out for me.

A t night my tent was warmer than my house.

T idying my tent was fun

E ven washing our dishes was fun

L eaving to the Lagoon center was exciting because I went onthe bus with my friend.

A t school me and the boys did some cool camp fire cooking.

N either of my tent buddies would stop talking about camp when it was sleep time.

D amper was my favourite camp fire meal

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  1. The children from Super 16 at College Street Normal School Palmerston North have enjoyed reading your acrostic poem. They have also been writing acrostic poems and have posed some on their blog.
    Our blog is we are a class of year 2s who have just started blogging. Hope you will check us out. Say hi to Mr Sommerville from us. From Super 16


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