Monday, October 10, 2016

This term our inquiry is - The Material World. At Immersion assembly this morning, there were experiments, cooking, and some great entertainment and movies! Stay tuned for some photos from Immersion Assembly!


  1. Hi my name is Jack and I am from Kaniere School. I like the way you have presented changes.

  2. Hi, I'm Ata and I go to Pt England School. We live right next to a beach and we also have a few mountains near us. Our closest MT is Mt Wellington. Here we have presented changes and what we can create using science. Maybe you should have a try at your school.

  3. Hello, my name is William and I am a student in room 4 at Wesley Primary School. I really like the post. It made me think of me once when I was doing my homework I was starting to do something else like playing games on my Chromebook so I´ve changed a lot and the our chromebooks too, because we don't even write in books anymore so I really love your post.
    If you want to like to see my blog:
    Blog you later

  4. Hi my name is Jorja I am from Kaniere School.I like the way how you presented changes because I love science just like you guys. Great work.

  5. Hi my name is Sam and I am from Kaniere School.
    I really like your changes. I like the pictures you used like the dino-might and the scientist pouring acids into a jug.
    I really like scientists because it reminds me of my sister Ruby getting her wart burnt off.

  6. Hi my name is Eddie and I am from Kaniere School.I really like your changes. I like the sciences. I like science because it is fun and you get to learn about cool stuff.


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