Sunday, August 14, 2016

Learning about Technology at the Olympics

We spent the first three weeks of term 3 learning about technology at the Olympics. We found it really interesting and enjoyed discussing and sharing our ideas!


  1. Hello Room 7 Your Work Is So Cool! Can you help me understand What Technology is ?

  2. Hi Room 7 my name is Billy and I am from Kaniere School. I like the way you are learning about Jordan shoes and bikes. I learnt that Jordan shoes have bits of gold on them.

  3. Hi Room 7 my name is Isabel and I'm from Kaniere School. I like the subject because I think its an interesting subject. I didn't know that bikes in the Olympics are Skinner than normal bike
    How fast do the bikes go per hour?.

  4. Hello Room 7 my name is Kayla I am from Kaniere School I like the way you have explained how the good people go biking riding.I like the way you told us that if you put your head down the wind does not go in your face it goes over you. Why does leaning over the Handel's make you go faster?


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