Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Holiday - By Aaron

My family were planning to go to Clevedon, Clevedon is surrounded by farms, livestock and the sea. After we arrived, our first stop was a park. we decided to go somewhere more comfortable like the sea so we went near a marae and found a park.

We got hungry so we finally ate. We made a salad. After our stomachs were full we played a game of soccer. We had lots of fun even our dad played. Soccer is a game where you use your feet, head and chest.

In soccer there are two goals lined up. Equal the teams then to start the game of two people face each other in the middle. Throw up the ball then kick the ball in the goal. There are also outs like when you kick the ball out of the line that is called an out that is when you can use your hand to throw in the ball in to your teammate. Goalies can touch the ball to stop it from scoring a point. After an hour it was time to go home but we stop by a beach.

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  1. Hi Aaron.
    This story is cool! I like the way you used photos to illustrate your story. Clevedon reminds me of camping last year. It is like the beach I went before, I went to the campsite. Where is Clevedon?
    Keep up the good work.



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