Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mini Book Reviews - By Stevenson, Kyan, Ariana, Katareina & May

The Students in Class 8 have been given the opportunity to have a quick browse of some brand new, hand picked books for them. Below are their first reviews.

Mini Review:
Today my friend, Collin, and I were reading a book called Pirates vs Ancient Egyptians in a haunted museum. The book is about bloodthirsty Pirates and crazy Ancient Egyptians who break into a haunted museum and look for the priceless golden howler monkey. Who will find it first?

This morning we got some new books. I saw the one that was right for me which was the book called Gorilla city. It has great vocabulary interesting pictures and funny looking cards. its about a man named charlie small. I give it a 10 out of 10.

I have been reading a book called The brain sucker. It's written by Glenn Wood. Already I've read only two pages and its excellent. Its about about a boy named Callum McCullock and he is paralysed. It's his birthday and he is turning 13 years old. For his birthday present he got a brand new jet black thunder kit X5 All-Terain wheelchair.

 We have been talking in our class about our books and my last one I didn't like it was HORRIBLE! Man I love this book though because it is interesting and funny. I've read three chapter so far in 6 minutes! This book is about a boy who's dad is sick and keeps sneezing and when he sneezes his snot goes on him. The boy tries to find his mum so she can make his dad some medicine but she is gone somewhere in the valley and he needs to find her.

This book is called Gangsta Granny.

It's about a boy and every single day he has to go to his granny's house because his mum and dad love going to the Ice Skating Dancing TV show. He doesn't like hanging out with her because he thinks she is boring but she thinks she is a Gangsta. Also one time she went to the gym with a top and shorts and bling, bling necklaces! My rating that I will give to this book will be a 10/10.



  1. Hi my name is Teaue
    I like you blogger and it is really coll

  2. I really enjoyed reading your book reviews, I think the reviews you did were very interesting for the reader because you described the book well.


    1. Thank you Josh. We did try hard to describe our book. Maybe you could read one of the books and write your own review - we would love to read it!

  3. Hi room 8

    I really like your books and I know that book becuase my teacher reads us gangster granny

    From Harry

    1. You are very lucky to have such a cool Teacher! We are loving reading Gangsta Granny too!


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