Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mini Book Reviews - By Marilyn, Collin, Khaia & Aaron

The Students in Class 8 have been given the opportunity to have a quick browse of some brand new, hand picked books for them. Below are their first reviews.

This is the book that I am reading which is called Mr Stink. I would describe this book as a hilarious book. I have only read 1 page and a half but I am keen to read more. I would rate this book a 10/10. I can not wait to read more of this awesome book !

Mini Book Review:
Today I have read a really interesting book with my friend Stevenson. It is fiction with lots of characters and amazing pictures. This story would probably be rated a 10 out of 10 because it is interesting, funny and you can even draw in it. I have read a lot of books but this probably is my first favourite and my second is The Holocaust Escape.

I have been reading a story called Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks so far I have only read 3 pages. It stars off at lunch time when 4 friends set of for lunch. They then recognize that there friend, Copper pie, Wasn't there. So they just leave and start saying that he will turn up. A few minutes later he turns up and his friends ask him where he has been suddenly someone interrupts, It was there enemy callum. Callum said somewhere he shouldn't have been. And that is all I have read so far. I would rate this book for the three pages a 7 and a half out of ten. That is because it is interesting and I haven't read the hole thing.

Today my literacy teacher, Mr Somerville bought us new books so we don't get bored. So here is some of what happened in the 1st chapter.

There is a boy who's name is Evan and so his older brother Chris broke his leg after skateboarding and his parents band skateboarding for their family, but Evan loves skateboarding. To be continued... What I liked about this book was the vocab because it hooks in the reader and then they get interested in this book. The Author for this book is JAKE MADDOX, Illustrations by SEAN TIFFANY. Also there are more books like this which makes me really excited.


  1. Hi Class 8
    Great to read your comments regarding your new Library books. I think Mr S will need to go and purchase some more books at the rate you guys are reading.
    Mrs Flavelle

    1. Thank you Mrs Flavelle! We would love it if Mr S could buy us some more books!


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