Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Explanation Writing: Use your WITS - By Khaia, Marilyn & Brooklyn

Have you ever been angry? Well were here to tell you about using your WITS. Your WITS stand for, W - walk away, I - Ignore it, T - Talk about it and S - Seek help. Using your WITS helps you because you might be in a fight or in big trouble so you could stop and think about using it.

First up is walk away. Being in a fight is not the best option so you should think then walk away. You do this because you don’t want to be involved in the situation or go into detention.

Now for I - ignore it. You Ignore it by not listening to people if they're not saying nice things. If you do you will start to talk back and say bad things to them and then maybe you’ll visit the principal's room.

Next up is Talk about it. It is important to talk about if you're in a argument with your friend or anyone. If this happens remember to talk about it and sort it out.

Next is Seek help. When someone is in a fight you should always walk away and seek help for a teacher. This is because it might become a bigger mess but if you tell the teacher she or he will sort it all out.

Using your WITS help you by telling you what is right. It also helps by sorting out problems and situations. Has this helped you?

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