Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Explanation Writing: Use Your WITS - By Ava

Have you ever been in trouble with a friend of yours? Well my name is May and I have a friends called Ariettah and Ava. We always see people fight and they never use their WITS, so we are going to teach you how to use your WITS.

The first step of WITS is Walk Away. W stands for Walk Away. Walk Away means if someone tries to get in a fight with you just Walk Away from it. If you see someone having a fight don’t go to the fight even though there are lots of people, just stay away from it.

The next step is to Ignore It. If someone is forcing you to go and look at the fight just Ignore It and if they say to come and stick up for them just walk away. Also if someone is getting in trouble with a teacher don’t go there, if you see other people going there just Ignore It.

The T in Talk about it means if you are sad and you think you need to tell someone you can talk about it to a friend or a prefect. It’s good talking about it with a teacher cause then you feel more better letting it out.

Last but not least Seek help. You know when to seek help is when you know fighting is not right so you can go and tell someone or if someone is hurt then you can find a prefect or a teacher. The reason why you seek help is because you can find someone to help you or someone.Then you will feel better that you helped that other person or yourself.

Using your WITS is good for you and a friends. Its good for everyone but mostly those who fight. Using your WITS has helped me a lot cause its all about Walking Away, Ignoring It, Talk About and Seeking Help. These all are good ways to help you to do the Pt England Way:)

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