Friday, May 10, 2013

Will.I.Am and A Donation to Maniakalani - By Francis

This afternoon we all finished morning tea the whole school went into the hall to see who donated to Maniakalani and it took a lot of time for the person to get to our school but when he got here we were stunned we saw cameramen then we saw! When it was done Patrick said a welcome speech after he finished the speech we had the Maori group went up then after the maori group it was the Hip-Hop group.

When we finished all of that talked to us about alot of stuff and how he grew up in a government house and he never met his father. But he also has a passion for science and other stuff. Also Hallenstein brothers have been trying there best to bring to NZ to give us 100,000 dollars it was great seeing for the first time in person. also visited some of the classes in Pt England school. When he cashed the check I thought it was so kind of him to give us money like that. He has a group called Black eyed peas he made the song scream & shout, boom boom pow, and his brand new album platinum. It was a great day to see him.

I thought it was sad that he said he lived in a government state type house and how he never met his father. I about to drop a tear when he said it but when he said his friends were the ones who helped him the tear just stopped. When he showed the 100,000 dollar check I was like “WHAT THE!? AWESOME!!” and after it the GM and A Lady presented the Pounamu (GreenStone) to Will.I.Am.


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