Friday, May 10, 2013

WilI.I.Am Visits Pt England School - By Quasia

OMG!!! Did you know who walk in our school with his awesome cool boots on and with heaps of people videoing it? Well it was Will.I.Am yes Will.I.Am. He has an awesome band called the black eye peas. He came to our school to donate 100,000 dollours for the Maniakalani Program.

My school Pt England school was the school that Will.I.Am got to go to and talk to. Before the awesome visitor came our principled Mr Burt told us that someone was going to come. He also said that someone knows a lot about music. When we were close to that day me and my friends thought it might be someone in New Zealand like Stan Walker or John key.

But when that day finally arrived Mr Burt or Principle told the whole school if we knew a band called the black eye peas and that when that thought came into our mind that it was the black eye peas. But then he said only one of them was coming so we all shouted and said if it was Will.I.Am then we started shouting his name Will.I.Am Will.I.Am Will.I.Am Will.I.Am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Then he came and and told us to dream big and to chose really good friends who can encarige you to follow your dreams. That how I know he is the best of all celebrities.

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