Thursday, November 1, 2012

The day when Barbie came alive - By Raeleen

On Christmas I had the best present ever and it was a Barbie Doll that my dad got for me!!!. Later that night I went to the market with my mum to buy lamb chops for dinner and pancakes with berries for tomorrows breakfast. While I was at the Markets I saw a wishing well. I asked my mum if could have one dollar and go to the wishing well and she said, "Yeah go for it!”

When I went to the wishing well there were lots of people there. Three minutes later I finally got to get my wish. My wish is, if Barbie could come alive by tomorrow evening. Then my mum said, "What did you wish for?” I replied, "I wished that Barbie would come alive.” Then My mum started laughing. When we arrived home everyone was already at the table getting ready to eat. After we ate we went back to sleep.

The next morning we had Pancakes with berries. After we ate breakfast we went outside to play go home, stay home. After we played I just remembered my wish of Barbie coming alive. So then I quickly ran to my room to see if Barbie had come alive when I said, "Please wake up!" Suddenly she woke up!

When Barbie came alive I was so scared so then I touched her hair then she said, "Hi.” I got frightened and I screaming as loud as I can. Then I threw her out of the window and said, ”Bye bye.” Then I told my Mum & Dad that Barbie came alive. Then they looked at each other and started laughing. Then I showed my mum that barbie was real then I showed her and said, "What shall I do?” She whispered, "Maybe we should put her in a garage sale!" I agreed and said, "Lets do the garage sale tomorrow!"

The Next day I woke up and my mum had already some people buying our stuff. A little girl called Martha brought Barbie for 5 dollars.

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