Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DWs Maths Group: What's Your Answer?

Hi DWs, here is your next challenge. Remember to work with a buddy and to explain how you got your answer. You can also ask question on our blog asking for help!


  1. My guess as the answer is 32.44km. But I'm not sure how to explain how I got the answer :(!

    From Jouan

    1. A great try Jouan. Is there anyone in the group who could give Jouan a clue to solving this problem?

  2. 31.576 is our answer, because 23.74+6.2 = 29.76
    then 2500 = 2 km + 29.76 witch = 31.76 then we add the five hundred meters with .76 = 31.576

    by Neo Jabez Jayden

  3. My answer is 31.48km . Because instead of adding by km I added by partitioning it by Meters.


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