Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knee Injury - By Ashlee

On Tuesday night while training for our Netball game at 5.05 I was side stepping and suddenly I fell over and hurt my knee. It was funny to see as I looked like a handy cap! When I fell I went to try and get up but my leg felt all wobbly and I couldn't stand up properly .

That night the pain didn't really help but I was really happy to go home and see what was going on instead of embarrassing myself in front of my netball team. When I looked down I thought that my knee would be worse but really it was just a bit swollen.

When I woke up I tried to find the time and eventually I saw a phone so I waddled over but when I checked the time and it was 5.35 I started letting my body wake up. Every thing was awake in my body except for my knee. I wanted to go to the toilet but when I stood up I collapsed on to the couch. As many times as I tried to get up it just made it worse. So I heard somebody in the house awake and I waddled over and asked for help. It was that bad that when we woke up we went to the doctors.

The doctors said that it was a possible sprain or tear to one of my ligaments and that to make sure I had to go to the Otara doctors to take a x-ray. The next day we went back for a check up and he had already looked at the x-ray and we just had to let it heal by itself but if some body hits it that would have to mean one thing and one thing only. OPERATION!

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