Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great New for Valerie Adams! - By Ashlee

With all the training Valarie has done she had beaten the Belarus shot putter's score from the final when she was just training. But with all the stress of her name not being put down for the NZ Olympic team she didn't perform at her best. She was very angry but to her luckiness of showing up early by 3 days Valerie Adams was able to tell the team that she was the defending champion and she needed to be on the list! Because of that they had let her in but did not have a room to sleep in with all the drama! Of them not putting her name on the list .

When the day came to do the shot put Valerie Adams through an alright distance but the other competitor through a distance that was longer than Valerie. But after the devastating day for Valerie the Urine tests came back and all four of Nadzeya tests were positive. They then found out that she was taking steroids and was disqualified. Coming clear to her that she was not aloud to play athletes for 2 years and may never come back to the Olympics ever.

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