Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Embarrassment - By Turuhira

On a hot sunny day in 2007 when I was little we were swimming in a little pool, which was mine. Me and my brother were playing tiggy. We both went inside chasing each other around. Then I ran outside while I was pointing at my brother. When I turned around I banged myself into the fence. It hurt so much that I cried. My face was red and then I fell to the ground. My mum and dad were so worried that they took me to the hospital. When I opened my eyes I saw them with funny faces and started laughing.

Next time when I do something like that I should be looking out were I am going.

The thing that I don't what to get embarrassed about is doing a fart in class even if you need to do a fart. If I do a fart in class people would be laughing and that would make you fell really embarrassed!

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