Thursday, April 7, 2011

Embarrassing Times - By Senolita

This story are the most embarrassing times of my life!
On Christmas day on December the 25th of 2010 because we had to get some Christmas presents for my cousins. When I went to the Warehouse I went to get a coke and I was shaking it. When we got to
the counter and payed for it, I opened it it SPLATTED everywhere. I was so embarrassed with myself because it looked like I peed myself and some people was laughing at me so I ran to the toilet fast as.

My mum, my brother and I went to the flea market in Pamure in this big as tunnell. In the tunnel there was a picture of the round-a-bout in Pamure. At this sale in Pamure they had shoes and food and donuts there and
hot dogs and lots of chips. I went to the donut store, I had $5 and I went there and said “Can I have 2 bags
of donuts please?” She said, “That is $12” and people were laughing at me because there were people at the back of me.

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