Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dinosaur Story - By Jesiah

My dinosaurs' name is Triceratops the Mighty. He lives in a cave in Brazil a million years ago. He has a family and they always walk and eat together. The family sleep in a cave and when they want to play they aways go to the amazon river and also the forest. Triceratops look savage and raging. He has 3 horns on the top of his head. It has a round and huge body. Its legs are short and sturdy. The Triceratops is about 8 meters long, about 3 meters tall and weighs about 6 tons. It is the size of an elephant.

My Dinosaur’s family eats so many different foods - it is a herbivore, meaning he eats plants. Because he only eats healthy food he has grown stronger than his family. Triceratops family are strong and friendly. They don’t hunt and fight other people.

When triceratops is bored at home he goes to the amazon river, also he splashes water in to his brother and sister's faces. The brothers and triceratops always play fight to see who is the strongest and my sister watches us fight and says triceratops you are to fat and small, which makes him very cross. Then he got angry and smashed his brothers.


  1. Hi Jesiah it me Samuela I really like your movie because your animation was really creative and I enjoyed watching it. I really like the way how you spoke really clearly Jesiah. Keep up the awesome job Jesiah!!!

  2. your dinousour trory is awesome, its great and even my favorite animal is dinosour.I love them because of their sharp claws and sharp teeth.


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