Thursday, April 7, 2011

Camp - By Lola

On Wednesday last week the year five and six had there camp, and the year sevens and eight finished there camp on that day. I was really excited because we were just starting our camp. We were waiting for people to arrive to school. When we were waiting I put on allot of sunblock because it was really sunny outside.

Anxiously waiting in a line for the bus to come we were yelling and screaming as well as being hypo so that the bus can come but it did not so we had to wait for about a minute. While we were waiting we were getting ready to go to Swimarama in Panmure,as soon the bus came we all got in the bus, we tried to fit every body into the bus.

When we got there we all got in our group lines ready to go in. First Mrs Garden said to the people that were in the swimming race to go and get changed. We were all waiting for them to finish there race. When they were all finished it was time for all of us to swim. I didn’t want to go in the pool because it will be so cold but lucky the sun was shining onto my face, so I decided to go in the pool.

Next it was my group to go on the hydro-slide we all got three turns and then we went to the pool we were playing tigey in the pool is was fun because there were allot of people playing. Next I felt hungry so I went and ate my sandwich after that we went and got changed because it got cold. After getting changed we all got our stuff and went outside so that our bus can come on time. When the bus came we made sure that everybody were there then we went back to school.

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