Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Volcanoes around the world - Google Maps Task - By Simon

WALT: We had to create a Google maps showing people 15 or more Volcanoes in New Zealand or around the World. We had to create this because this term team 4 are learning about Volcanoes. We created this on Google maps and we used pins to pin all the Volcanoes all around the world.

Our new Learning is volcanoes. You can learn when some volcanoes last erupted or where some volcanoes are in this world. I enjoyed pining all the volcanoes around the world and looking for volcanoes around the world as well. The end


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  2. Hey Room 7,
    This is very interesting information. I had a look at Taupo Volcano and read the information, when I read the information I had a surprised reaction because it said "if the volcano erupts nearly the whole of NZ will blow up." I learnt some information about the volcano in the world. Well done.

    Your Sincerely

  3. Hi Room 7,
    I love looking at all the volcanos around the world but there one that scared me the most. It was Lake Taupo volcano they say if it erupted it could destroy nearly the whole country.
    Keep up the good work guys

  4. Talofa my names Conroy I love your blogs work. Especially your force video and your kindness viral video was cool.


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