Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Creating Side Scroller Games - PENN Movie

Team 4 have been working on side scroller games. Here are a few of our finished animations but there are much, much more on our class and individual blogs. Please remember to comment on rooms 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 blogs!


  1. Hi class 8 I am Promise for class 3 and your movie was AMAZING and good work.

  2. Hi Room 7 you have a magnificent movies I hope you do another movie so I can comment on it.YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.By Christina

  3. Hi Room 7 I love you movies they are amazing I do wonder how you make them but anyway they are awesome and amazing. Your amazing well done.
    By Emma from Christchurch, Gilberthorpe School Rimu class

  4. Hi my name is Sam.
    I am from Kaniere School. Kaniere School is by a lake.
    I really like your video games because of all the rocks in the background and the trees and mountains and volcanoes. How hard was it to make a video game?


Thank you for your comment. Room 7 loves getting comments so please come back again soon!