Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mālama Honua Visit Pt England School - By Tevita

You know what? on 25/3/15 on Wednesday some Mālama Honua was doing a voyage around the world. There half threw the world right now. When they came to land we welcome them with a song.

There were heaps of school that came to see Mālama Honua. We sang 3 songs to them and they sang a couple of songs to us to. Then there give us a speech. It was long but also it was very exciting. We even got to meet them with a high-five.

They talked about how we come from some famous navigators, one named Maui! They taught us how people use the stars to guide them around the oceans. If they didn't use anything to guide them they would become lost. Did you know it only takes seven hours to go to Hawaii on a plane but will take two to three months sailing a waka! But it could take a lot longer if the weather is bad!

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