Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Malama Honua comes to Manaiakalani - By Roimata

On Wednesday 25th of March we were getting ready to go down to Pt England beach to see the two waka's come in, the names of the waka's are Hikianalia, Hokule'a. We lined up and Mr Burt was praying, then the little kids had to go first then the big kids can go after them. When we got to the beach we had to sit down silently and watch the waka come in. The people that was on the waka were people that were Voyaging around the world.

When we were sitting down on the muddy grass we had to sing three waiata. The people that was on the Hokule’a waka was collected by the people that was on the boat. We had to welcome them with a Waiata and a Haka. The names of the three waiata's are E Oho, Nga Waka and He Honore.

Then when we finished singing, the Hawaiian people was greeting us in their language. We waited for them to finish singing, then it was time for us to go and meet them. Everybody was so excited to meet them, when it was time for me to meet them I was so happy that I shaked their hands and also hugged them too.

I was so happy to meet the Hokule’a and Hikianalia crew. I hope that next time they can come back and visit us. I really had a good time with the crew.

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