Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mālama Honua - By Waimaria

Malama Honua

The grass was wet, the sea was clean. The waka was hooked to the sand at Pt England beach and the schools were there to greet them! It was a perfect morning with the waka coming to the Pt England beach! When we got to the beach there was already one waka anchored and it's name is Hokule’a. There was one more waka to come that was named Hikianalia. They had come from an amazing country that is called Hawaii.


When the Hikianalia was coming to land we had to sing three amazing songs that is called E oho. When the visitors had all come off the waka and they had arrived onto our beach we had to wait for two minutes for an important chief to welcome them in maori. When the man was done speaking we sang He honore. And when it was ending it was time to sing Nga Waka.

Meet the people

When we were done it was time to go and high five the navigators that had come from Hawaii. When we were done high fiving them we had to wait for our teacher and line up and to get ready to go back to school. When we got back to class we had to eat our morning tea and get ready to go and play.

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