Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Successful Pt Englander - By Rosalina

Being kind, Listening to anyone and working hard on anything you need work on, can be a good pt englander. Being kind is nice and gives you more friends, Listening can help you with your ideas and Working hard and it can get you high in school when you are older.

Being kind to anyone can lead you to more and more friends. If someone was mean to you you can still be kind, revenge isn’t the thing to be worrying about. Being kind is the top thing at our school well to me it is, Everyone at our school is nice well some of them, we be kind to each pt englander and make sure that no one is left alone, That what kind is at our school and being a good pt englander.

Listening to anyone is nice and help you to get more and more ideas, Listening to a friend may give you some ideas in your work if you are stuck. Listening to an adult is respect, talking over them is disrespectful and you do need to listen so you know what you are doing. Listening to your mum and dad gives less pain to them. That what a good pt englander would do, it can be at school or at home it can be anywhere listening to any adult or friend is a good pt englander.

Working hard on your school work or anything that you need work with can lead you to be smart at school, don’t be slack to finish it off work hard on it make sure it make sense or getting the right answer. It is all about trying in school its not a bad thing to try and if you get it wrong encourage yourself to do again and again to get the hang of it and it can get you high in school when you're older and older. That’s what a good pt englander would do.
These things that I wrote is all about being a good pt englander at our school. If you are not a good pt englander well that is why I wrote these four paragraphs so you can learn to be a good pt englander even when you're not a pt englander.

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