Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Geometry: Glen Innes Map - By Jessica

Directions to My house:
1. So you go out of Pt England school and you turn left east.
2. After that you turn on your right and there will be a sign Tamatea Ave and just keep on walking on.
3. When you keep you walking you have to cross the road but (North West).
4. When you have crossed the road (North West) then you will see two house's in front of you and the second house is my house.

Directions to Tamaki College:
1. First you have to go out of Pt England school.
2. Then you turn on your right going up (North West) on Elstree Ave.
3. When you have gone past GI pools then that means still have to still keep on walking straight and you will be there.

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