Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Geometry: Glen Innes Map - By Aaron

Here is a map of Glen Innes also what we had to do was put legends on it here you are. Click on it to enlarge it.

Directions to Auckland Netball Centre:
1. To get to Auckland Netball centre from point England go north west on point England road
2. 1.5 km then go south onto Morrin road going 500m onto Alison Ferguson Drive and there you are it will 3.take 32 minutes by walk and 5 minutes by car.

Directions to Mount Wellington Domain:
1. To get to Mount Wellington from Point England school go to Auckland Netball Center
2. Then head South East heading on Morrin Road going 1.2 km forward then go south onto Jellicoe Rd going 2.0km.
3. Then go onto Mountain Road heading North West and going 3.0 km and then go onto onto the driveway. 4.That is it it will take 52 minutes by walk and 7 minutes by car.

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