Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Three Little pigs - By Sarah

Once upon a time there were three little pigs.Who were grown up’s and ready to seek their own fortune. So they all said ‘ good bye mum’ as they went of to seek their adventure.

The first little pig who was not very clever but was very lazy saw a lady with some straw. He went and said ‘excuse me may I have some straw pleases’ the lady said ‘of course’ and handed the straw to him.He walked off to his spot and build a quick and easy house that was week, then after the he sat down and had a rest .

The big bad wolf smelt bacon and went down to the first little pig house. He knocked on the door and said ‘little pig little pig pleases let me come in’ said the wolf . Then the pig replied ‘no not by the hairs on my chin chin chin hahahahaha’ the nervous little piglet replied. ‘So I’ll huff and I’ll puff and i’ll blow your house down’ so he did he blow pigs house down and ate the little pig.

The second little came along to find a nice spot to build a house but he didn't have anything to build it out of.Then he saw a lady with sticks and asked ‘may I have some sticks’. ’Yes’ said the lady and of he went to build his house of sticks.Then he fished the house and had a nap.

Then along came the big bad wolf flowing the smell of pork. The smell ended at the second little pigs house. He knocked on the door and said ‘little pig little pig let me come in’.2 little pig said ‘no not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin’ ‘then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house’ so he did he grabbed him eat him and went away.

There was another little pig who was the brainy one he built his house out of bricks.His house took longer than the others he didn’t have time to sit and muck around. He was hard working and didn’t stop until the job was done.

Then down from the hill came the big bad wolf. He came to a brick house and and smelt ham lingering in it. So he knocked and said ‘do you have a pig in there’? he said ‘no i'm the pig you boiled egg’ yelled the pig. The wolf huffed and puffed and tried to blow down the house but couldn’t.

The big bad wolf decided to climb the house of bricks he said ‘ i’m coming to eat you’ yelled the wolf down the chimney. The pig was verified hurried over to the fire place with a hot pot of boiled water.

The wolf came down into the pot and the pig said ‘wolf stew anyone’ he diced up some carrots, potatoes and sat down to eat.

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