Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Hare and The Tortoise - By Emmy

Hi my name is Jack and I'm a tortoise, but people call me “Jack the Slow Poke or big garbage head”. As I was minding my own business one day a stupid hare that calls himself speedy bounced right into my garden of grass and garbage that I was eating and called me a “big Garbage head”, I was really really cross. He's always like this ever since I won the race. He lives in the next field across from me.

It all started when he called me a “Slow Poke”. Fox got cross and jumped right out of the bush, and saccades that me and speedy should have a race. I said to myself why do I join races when I always come last, do I do it for fun or do I for something else. Speedy said, a race with Jack the slow Poke, I can beat him he's nothing but a green rock. Just you wait speedy, I can show you that I am faster than you.

It starts tomorrow to the top of the hill and back fox said. Than speedy dashed all the way home. Fox said to me that I should get some sleep for tomorrow.

Cock-a-doodle-do the Hen woke everyone up and got ready for the big race. As the cow’s were swinging their tails, they lined up along the fence because they knew that something amazing was going to happen. Me and Speedy Lined up in front of the starting line. Ready - Steady - GO! and off speedy went into the field, Fox was the only one who supported me. Speedy looked over his shoulder and saw that I was only half way through the field so he stopped to have a little nap.

As Speedy was taking his little nap I quickly went past him and went toward the hill. When I got there I turned around and headed back to the finish line. Then suddenly speedy woke up and dash all the way to the hill and was right behind me. I was nearly there but I thought that speedy was going to beat me, then his legs got tired and he started to slowed down, then I won and people were cheering for me. And that’s my story about how I bate Speedy in the race. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

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