Friday, May 10, 2013

WILL.I.AM - By Nikki

Guess what?on Thursday A famous person came to our school We all love him and we all know him it was A man from the black eyed peas. Well it was WILL.I.AM. I was Shocked that he will come to our school. He gave us a wonderful present it was $100.000.

I liked it when he said’’you need to choose your Best Friends”Because I choose my best friend Christian. WILL.I.AM was brought up in a poor nabourhood but he followed his dream to be a singer.

WILL.I.AM came to our classes to see what we were doing and that was cool.Then he went to room 16 my class and I nearly fainted Because I have never been near a famous person ever in my life.

Just before WILL.I.AM came to our class room and we were in the hall he got a giant poster of himself and he singed it and it was for the hole school.When I looked back to see WILL.I.AM I sore the people from 1 and 3 news and I was happy.

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