Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life Ed Van - By Asena

Have you ever been to a life education van before? Well if you haven’t then this story is going to tell you all about it! A life education van is a van that we go to and learn about our body and what it needs. The lady that teaches us is Lynn and she also comes along with a giraffe called Harold.

Last week on Thursday and Friday we went and learned about our tinana (body). We learnt heaps of stuff about our body. We talked about our stomach and what I learnt from the stomach was that it breaks down food. Lynn told us about the liver and she said, “If you ever eat any metal stuff then it wouldn’t break it down but if you go to the toilet then it would come out!” We all said “EEWW”!!

My favourite part was when we had to do the banana salute. When we stood up to do the dance I was laughing my face off. Finishing off our banana salute I stopped laughing! Although I was tired I still wanted to do it. Lynn told us that bananas was Harold's favourite food.

If you ever see a van with a giraffe pattern on it then that is the van where you can go and learn about your body and what it needs!!!

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