Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harold Life Ed - By Mohammed

Do you know where we went in term three week two as some of the schools have life ed caravan every 2 years. So same here in our school we have the same thing going on.

On Friday and Thursday we went to life ed. We learnt about our body parts like our heart,kidney,how our brain works and how it bring message to our hands and legs and all around our body parts. Guess what every day our heart beats 100,000 beats everyday, Isn't that amazing!!!

Do you know how to do the banana slice? Harold favorite dance and his favorite fruit. My favorite fruit is sweet bananas. A banana a day keeps the doctor away.

Guess how big your lungs are? it is up to your side of your right hand near your belly button. Your stomach is on your left hand side opposite your liver. The large intestine is underneath your liver and your stomach and your small intestine is in the large intestine.

When lynn got Harold out we have to say “Hi Harold” as he came out. He said I want to go out on a date with Anamei. I hope you have the opportunity to meet him and learn about him. I feel like going everyday.

When we had to go back Mr S got a free pen. I decided to get one I had $4.00 on me. I got a pen for $2.00 so the next day I got two more pens.    

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