Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All Blacks vs Ireland - by Anamei

All blacks vs Ireland

Hi there can you guess what I watched on Saturday night at 7:30pm? I watched the All Blacks Vs Ireland!!! At 7:25 I was so excited to Support and watch the All Blacks Vs Ireland on the TV. As the All Blacks ran out onto the field I got the popcorn ready. I was supporting the All Blacks. After the All Blacks national Anthem they scattered out onto the field to get ready to do the the Haka. Piri Wepu got ready to lead them through the haka then they caught onto the words of the haka and they did their actions.

After the haka we were waiting for Daniel Carter to kick the ball all the way to Ireland's half of the field. Julian Savea ran threw like the wind past two Ireland players then caught the ball and scored the try! All the All Blacks supporters were up and out of their seats as they were so amazed at what Julian Savea did. As Daniel Carter got ready to take the conversion all the All Black supporters were like you can do this and all that kind of stuff supporters do. Did he kick it threw the posts? Yes! The points are 7 to The All blacks and 0 to Ireland.

It was ireland's ball, neck minute we got a penalty (I dont know what for but we got a penalty!) Daniel Carter got ready to kick he kicked it threw the goal post. The crowd went wild they were screaming out loud yeah.The All Blacks score is now 10 and ireland 0. I was screaming my head off when they got a try. Julian Savea is my favourite player because he is speedy fast.

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