Monday, May 7, 2012

Swimming - By Jabez

Heading down to the pools with excitement I wanted to burst down too the pools. I sighed in excitement. Entering past the counter the smell of the chlorine surrounded us as we walked past. Speed walking towards the mens room we got changed in a jiffy. Sitting on the benches we had a test. Everyone started to get nervous because they wanted to be in different groups. Hopping into the freezing water it felt like I was going to freeze to death. Malleably flipping my legs from side to side and up and down, suddenly my legs had died.

Training fearsomely it was like the instructor was really mad. We had a 100 meter dash back and forth. My legs got wasted when I flipped my legs. It felt like power flowing through me. Along strolled Mr S with the camera. He was videoing like he was part of the paparazzi! Swimming like crazy Levi floated right past me so I started flipping like mad. Fearsomely trying my hardest to catch up I dropped down in the water. The day sadly ended with a breathing competition. We hopped out and went and got changed!

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